Cosmetic Dentistry


Littleton Dentist - Business Woman SmilingThere are various reasons why people choose to opt for aesthetic dental surgeries/procedures. This could be to treat an injury, to improve overall appearance and to repair a tooth defect. Your reason notwithstanding, you are likely to end up with radiant and beautiful smile.

These reasons have made aesthetic dentistry to become an important sector of the dental career. There are common cosmetic dental procedures that can be done so as to fix misshaped, missing, chipped or discolored teeth. Also, these procedures may be performed to alter the tooth shape. Whether your teeth has gaps between them, too long or short or you just want your teeth reshaped, there are lots of procedures available. The following are among the most common procedures:

Bonding: this refers to a procedure where a gap is closed by using a tooth-colored material

Contouring and reshaping: under this method, overlapping, crooked, cracked or chipped teeth are straightened.

Veneers: this method involves the use of ultra-thin coatings that are able to be placed just above the front teeth. For instance, veneers is widely used to fix unevenly spaced, chipped, oddly shaped or teeth that have been discolored.

Whitening and bleaching: these make your teeth to be extremely light.

Implants: these are procedures that give users another choice for missing tooth or teeth. So well are they designed so that they can take feel and look of natural teeth.

Crowns: this procedure basically covers and protects the teeth. Although a crown may be used for a wide range of activities like broken bone and restoring tooth, you can also use it to improve the beauty of your smile.


From the many advantages mentioned above, which method should be used when improving your smiles? Get in touch with a dental expert as they can focus all the considerations which even include your own life.