Clear Correct

The Clear Correct Difference!

Clear Correct is unlike any other method for straightening your teeth available today, as these invisible braces will gently correct your teeth without any noticeable dental appliances.

How Does It Work?

To begin with, your dentist will look at your teeth closely and speak with you about your desired results. After tailoring a plan which is perfect for your situation, your dentist will move forward with the process by creating impressions, photos and possibly even x-rays for greater detail.

The Next Step.

Once this process is finished, your dentist will forward this information to ClearCorrect and write out a prescription for your customized invisible braces. ClearCorrect then fashions a complete model of your teeth, and constructs a treatment setup that will get you to your final goal. In addition, ClearCorrect will make you a pair of Phase Zero braces, to help you grow used to the feel of this product.

Precision Made For A Perfect Fit!

After receiving your Phase Zero aligners and your finalized treatment setup strategy, you and your dentist will review the plan and approve it. Next, ClearCorrect will create a series of steps (or phases) through which your teeth will be straightened, and begin engineering them. How are they made? ClearCorrect takes advantage of state of the art 3D printing options, to craft your series of invisible braces with digital accuracy.

Begin Seeing Results

Once you receive your Phase One aligners, you’ll simply begin wearing them continuously, the exception being during meals or when you’re brushing your teeth. Their clear construction makes them nearly invisible, meaning that they won’t disrupt your life in any meaningful way. Over time, your teeth will adjust to the aligner, at which point you’ll graduate to the next phase. Your dentist will keep an eye on this process, ordering a new phase when needed. Astonishingly, you’ll begin to see your smile re-form to your goal right before your eyes, until your perfect smile emerges.