Teeth Whitening Service

Smiling Woman Sun Creek DentalMany people are dissatisfied and self-conscious about the color of their teeth.  The good news is that there is a simple procedure known as tooth whitening that can help you make your way to the bright and beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by many different reasons.  Some beverages we enjoy such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and wine can play a large role in staining.  Other reasons for tooth discoloration can be caused by aging, medications such as tetracycline, trauma, tobacco use, and ingestion of too much fluoride.  Staining can also occur during the formation of our teeth.  Fortunately, with a consultation, we can help you to a bright smile right away!

As your dental team, we offer professionally dispensed take home whitening kits.  These take home kits consist of professionally fabricated bleaching trays made to fit you personally and an easy to use peroxide gel that will remain on your teeth for one hour per day until your goal is met.  Give a call to schedule your tooth whitening consultation today!