Dental Veneers

Modern technology has fixed a number of problems known to mankind – from the simplest to the most complicated. When it comes to having that gorgeous smile, there are a number of options laid out for you. Dental experts recommend ultra-thin shells of materials (ceramics, porcelain or resins-based) to cover any defect on the surface of your tooth enamel. This is commonly applied to the front teeth to enhance its natural gleam when light reflects on them creating a clean, white, healthy and natural look.

Also called as dental veneers, they work almost like false fingernails when somebody wants long nails to apply polish on. However, veneers placed over your teeth has more than aesthetics to give you. For one, it can protect the teeth surface from further damage. They are also best applied to chipped, cracked, discoloured and misaligned teeth.

Why Go for Dental Veneers

There are other choices you can opt for to improve your oral health such as similar procedures like bonds or crowns. However, dental veneers are fast becoming popular not only for the looks it can give, but also for its other advantages.

As they are called veneers, they mean only a sort of cover. How they last depends on the type of material used and how you take care of your teeth. Having dental veneers also protect your teeth and make them appear lovely. Your teeth will be protected from bacteria and other substances that can ruin them. Like most things, how to use it will determine whether it will last for long or not. So, keep yourself from biting that solid ice cubes and cracklings again.

Dental veneers are also known to look like natural enamels, hence enhancing the appearance of your teeth and correcting whatever defects there are. They do not also discolour from drinking coffee or tea, nor easily get stained.

Before going through the procedure, it is best to have a thorough check-up and discussion with a dental expert.