Things To Know About Dental Crowns

Littleton Dental Crowns - Smiling Older CoupleIf you ever have a cracked tooth or a badly worn down tooth, your dentist will recommend that you have dental crowns put in. Dental crowns are caps that are placed on top of a tooth to restore the tooth’s strength, size and shape; crowns are also used to enhance the appearance of teeth. The dental crowns are made from different materials which vary in price and effectiveness, some of which are:

Stainless Steel and Metals: They are mostly used on molars that are not very visible, because they withstand chewing better than other crowns.

Resin: They are the cheapest type of crowns, but also wear out quicker than the other crowns.

Porcelain: These are the best crowns to match the color of your teeth, they are great for people who have metal allergies, but aren’t as strong as when they are infused with metal alloys.

Dental crowns aren’t only limited to cracked tooth, they are also used to cover dental implants, hold a dental bridge in place, cover discolored teeth, and other cosmetic uses.

For dentists to put in the dental crown they have to first reduce the size of your tooth so they can fit the crown over it, they then get an impression of your tooth. Some dentists can have your temporary crown made in their office, but if you are getting permanent crown, they have to send the impression of your tooth to a lab where they will construct the permanent crown. You will have to use a temporary crown until the permanent crown is ready.

After your crown has been put in, you have to take care of it so it can last you for a while. You should try an avoid grinding your teeth if you have a crown because it wears it down, you should also practice good oral hygiene, you should brush regularly, floss and use mouthwash daily.