Emergency Dentistry

Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

When you or your loved ones experience a dental emergency, you may wonder who you should trust to take care of your needs. Suncreek Dental has experience dealing with emergency situations, ensuring that you will receive the highest level of care possible. This is important, as taking the right measures in a timely manner often results in a much better outcome in the long run.

For example, your tooth may be saved or further damage avoided, if a qualified professional takes the right steps to treat the problem. Dental emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time, yet it is critical to seek help immediately. That is where the highly trained team at Suncreek Dental comes in, as they are here to assist you when you need them. You may experience a cracked tooth or even lose a filling, which can be painful and potentially complicated situations to resolve. Or, you may suffer a blow to the mouth resulting in soft tissue damage to your tongue or a loosened tooth.

Fortunately, our veteran staff is experienced, and they will be able to apply a practical solution quickly. This may be as simple as using a cold compress to lower the inflammation where you’ve been injured. Some problems may require a more extensive solution however, and our dentist will discuss your available options – whether you only need an immediate treatment or further work will be needed in the future.

So, when suffering from a dental emergency of any kind, why go anywhere else? At Suncreek Dental, we will take care of your acute situation with a gentle and knowledgeable touch, always doing our best to fix any problem quickly and as painlessly as possible. Whether your emergency is mild or severe, you can trust us to give you the very best dental care available.

Dr. Danna makes available his emergency contact information to all current patients.