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Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Technology has advanced virtually every industry, and dentistry is no exception. Dental X-rays have gone digital, making it easier than ever to take pictures of your teeth. Digital X-rays produce a radiographic image instantly on a computer. X-ray sensitive plates capture detailed data during object examination, which is immediately transferred to a computer without the need for an intermediate cassette. 

Digital X-rays allow for dental patients to get the services they need quickly and easily. Here are some of the many benefits of digital X-rays.

Better Image Quality

X-rays need to be able to provide sufficient clarity and details in order for dentists to make a diagnosis and provide proper treatment. Fortunately, digital X-rays provide a much higher image quality than traditional X-rays.

This is because digital radiography machines have special software that can electronically manipulate images for improved definition. Images can be zoomed in or the contrast can be adjusted for a better view.

They also provide more than 200 shades of gray, which allows dentists to identify tiny fractures and other irregularities that could have been missed on film.

Higher Quality Care

Patients receive a higher quality of care when digital X-rays are used. Dental anomalies can be identified and treated quickly. On top of that, the risk of radiation exposure is minimal. In fact, digital X-rays reduce exposure by more than 75%. 

Faster Processing Time

Traditional X-rays required you to wait for the film to develop. With digital X-rays, the images can be viewed instantly on a computer. This means less waiting, so appointments go faster. This saves time and increases productivity for both dentists and patients. 

Quick Image Sharing

It’s easy to share digital dental X-rays. They can be shared via email or computer programs, allowing dentists to make quick consultations with other experts in the field without having to physically deliver the films.

Easy Image Storage

Digital X-rays are also easy to store. Because they are not physical in nature, there is less chance of misplacing them. Retrieving the images is easy, as you do not have to physically sort through film X-rays.

Relatively Easy to Use

Operating a digital X-ray machine is fairly easy and does not require much training. Over time, it becomes easy and straightforward compared to conventional film X-rays. Many dentists also consider it to be faster.

This means that dental assistants can help with getting patients ready to see the doctor. This means that you can get in, get help, and get back to work or play!

What Can Digital X-Rays Do?

Digital X-rays are versatile and ideal for patients of all ages. They can do the following for children:

  • Assess the amount of space available for incoming teeth.
  • Check the status of emerging adult teeth.
  • Diagnose and monitor tooth decay.
  • Evaluate the progression of bone disease.
  • Plan orthodontic treatment
  • Reveal abscesses, and tumors.
  • Identify impacted wisdom teeth.

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Digital X-rays offer many benefits for medical and dental patients. They give dentists a better overview of what’s happening with your mouth, allowing for better care. 

Contact Suncreek Dental Group to learn more about digital X-rays and how they can help you. To schedule a consultation, call our office at (303) 933-2522.

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