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When choosing a dentist to take care of you and your loved ones, it’s important to choose someone you can trust. You want to feel comfortable while at the dentist’s office, and while that may seem impossible, it’s really not when you choose the right Centennial dentist. 

Suncreek Dental Group is a place where everyone in your family can feel welcome. We are dedicated to maintaining, restoring, and enhancing your smile. We offer many treatment options to help you look and feel your best, including:

  • Exams and cleanings
  • Orthodontics
  • Restorations
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Sleep apnea and TMJ treatment
  • CERE/same-day crowns
  •  24-hour emergency care

We do it all, from family dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to laser dentistry to pediatric dentistry. 

Our Centennial dentist is excited to help you take care of your teeth. Contact Suncreek Dental Group to schedule a consultation with your dental office

Meet Dr. Cooper

Dr. Cooper is the dentist at our Centennial dental office. He is a Colorado native who has dreamed of being a dentist since a young age. He was born and raised in Littleton. He attended college at the University of Colorado Denver and continued his education at Creighton University in Nebraska, where he obtained his masters degree in oral biology as well as his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Our Specialties

We provide various services for our patients. Here’s a look at some of the more common ones:

  • Orthodontics. Orthodontics involves treating bite, jaw, and face irregularities. Braces and aligners are used to straighten teeth and help with chewing issues as well as improve appearance. Metal braces used to be the only type of orthodontic treatment available decades ago, but now clear aligners are an option. We use Invisalign and Clear Correct for our patients. Both operate in the same way, in that they use removable aligners to move teeth into their desired position. They are effective and work quickly to straighten your smile. Plus, they are barely noticeable so you can discreetly move your teeth without the pain and distraction of metal and braces. However, metal braces are the cheapest option and they work for even the most severe cases. Your Centennial dentist can determine which option is right for you.
  • Cosmetic dentistry. There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your smile. Veneers are a common procedure. They can help you achieve the “Hollywood smile” of your favorite celebrities. They consist of thin shells that are placed over teeth to hide discoloration, chips, and gaps. They are custom-made and placed on the fronts of teeth. Bonding is another popular option. This involves using composite resin to fix chips and cracks. This material can be used for fillings as well. Bonding is done in just one visit and is very durable, lasting many years. 
  • Same-day crowns. Same-day crowns refer to a dental procedure where a dental crown is designed, manufactured, and placed in a patient’s mouth all within the same dental appointment. Here’s an overview of the process for same-day crowns:
    • Preparation. The dentist will remove any decay or damaged areas from the tooth and reshape it to accommodate the crown.
    • Digital impression. A digital impression  of the tooth and the surrounding area is taken using a handheld scanner. This scanner captures detailed images.
    • Design. The digital impression is used to create a 3D model of the crown. Specialized software is used to ensure a precise fit and a natural appearance.
    • Manufacturing. Once the design is complete, the crown’s specifications are sent to an on-site milling machine or 3D printer. The crown is then fabricated from a block of ceramic or other suitable material.
    • Finishing and staining. After the crown is created, it may undergo additional steps for staining, glazing, or polishing to match the color and appearance of the surrounding teeth.
    • Placement. Once the crown is ready, it’s placed on the prepared tooth, with the dentist making any necessary adjustments.
    • Bonding. The crown is permanently bonded to the tooth using dental cement or adhesive. 
  • Teeth whitening. Teeth get dull over time due to certain foods, age, medications, and habits such as smoking. Our Centennial dentist can whiten and brighten your smile by creating custom trays for your teeth. It takes just two visits and by wearing the trays overnight when it’s convenient for you, you can enhance the beauty of your smile. We’ll make the trays and give you the instructions, and you do the rest. If you’re not happy with the shade of your teeth, contact us today and see how we can help. 
  • Laser dentistry. Lasers come in handy in the dentistry field. At Suncreek Dental Group, our dentist uses the BIOLASE Waterlase to perform various dental procedures. Instead of using noisy drills, these innovative dental lasers reduce the complexity and trauma associated with many common dental procedures. There is no heat, no vibrations, and no noise. These versatile lasers can be used to prepare cavities, remove decay, perform procedures on enamel and dentin, lift and reshape gums, and perform procedures on soft tissue. 
  • Pediatric dentistry. We treat patients of all ages — even the youngest ones. Once your child celebrates their first birthday, you should be scheduling a visit to the dentist. You may not think a lot can happen at this time, but even if your child doesn’t have all their teeth in yet, your dentist can educate you on proper dental care. We can assess your child’s jaw and look for any issues that may require immediate treatment. We can monitor growth and development and ensure your child is on the right track. Best of all, we can ensure your child has a positive experience and becomes accustomed to future dental visits. 

Contact Us Today

Get all your dental needs taken care of at Suncreek Dental Group. Our Centennial dental office treats children, parents, and grandparents. We want your teeth to be as healthy and attractive as possible. 

Contact our Centennial dentist to see how we can improve your smile. Our team is excited to meet you and your family. Schedule an appointment today by calling (303) 933-2522 or filling out the online form.